1. A Child of Promise

2. The Convent School at Nottingham

3. The Call to Teach

4. St Mary's, Wigan

5. The Spouse of the Crucified

6. Direction

7. Devotion to the Sacred Head

8. Devotion to the Sacred Head (continued)

9. St Alexander's, Bootle

10. The Attacks of the Devil

11. Rumours and Investigations

12. The Clamour of Tongues

13. Final Purification

14. The Mystical Marriage

15. Perfect Union

16. St Catherine's Convent, Edinburgh

17. A Life of Hidden Service

18. Recalled to Teach

19. Per Crucem ad Lucem

20. Canon Snow's Testimony, etc

21. Letters

Appendix A: Father Wilberforce's Memorandum

Appendix B: Bilocation