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Sacred Head eAcademy provides an online traditional Catholic education of the highest professional standard for home-schooled children. Full schooling is provided to GCSE and A Level in the following subjects:

Classical Greek
English Language
Further Maths

Families may rest assured that our school is authentically Catholic, upholding all the teachings of Holy Church. Consequently, we entirely repudiate the counterfeit church of the Vatican II sect, its antipopes, its anticouncil, its heresies, its moral perversions, its invalid novus ordo rites.

We also denounce the medical battery and genocide currently being perpetrated under the pretext of this fraudulent pandemic. We pray that all those involved in this satanic wickedness are exposed and duly punished.

Fees are minimal as our e-school is more of an apostolate than a business. It is consecrated to the Sacred Head of Jesus and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We use Skype for Business and Microsoft Office for our e-classes. You can download and install the free web app when you first link to our classroom.

Students can interact with both the tutor and each other. Apps like Powerpoint or a calculator emulator are easily shared. Any classes you miss are recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Timothy Johnson
Timothy Peter Johnson MA (Cantab)